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Analysis and Solution of Blurred Full Color LED Display

Writer:Sino-ColourDate:2014-11-24 15:51

What should we do when led display shows blurred screen? There is a variety of reasons for dull color led display can not normally show something, and here is a summary for solving the problems.


First, if the new led display shows blurred screen, maybe it is the wrong scan setting of controller, or the problem of flat cables(checking the flat cable between the controller and the first module), and it will be like this when the 5V power supply is wrongly connected. 


Second, if you find this phenomenon after using a period of time of the display, it is mostly because that the water goes into the module and burns the chip and power supply.


Moreover, you can try to connect a DVI interface display, and look at whether the signal of the DVI output is normal.The cause of the blurred screen may be DVI problem or driver problem. Try to take off the internet line of the receiving card behind the display, and press the debug button on the receiving card, and look at whether the display scan is normal.   


In addition, there are some other reasons and solutions for the cause of the blurred screen:

1.The led display shows blurred screen, and can not display anything.

Solution: Check whether the main power supply is normal, and whether there is a 220v high voltage input.


2. The led display cannot show normally, but it shows blurred screens.

Solution: Check whether the parameter settings of the controlling card are coorect, and if there is any signal transmission to the display controller, whether the communication line is normal, and check whether the led controlling card has signal input, and whether the 5v power supply is normal.


3. Parts of led display cannot display normally, such as black screens and blurred screens.

Solution: Check whether the power of abnormal display works normally,  situation of the signal transmission, and condition of the single module.

If problems of the signal output:check whether the line of the output interface to the signal output IC  is connected or short circuit; check whether the clock latch signal detection output is normal; check whether the concatenationoutput data of the last driver IC and output interface of the data is connected or short circuit.


4. Case cooling is not good, leading to the higher temperature of DVI card:

Solution: excluding the cooling problem, check whether the fan operations normally, refuel the fans, and clean the dust inside the case.


5.Reshipment system, and DVI card doesn’t support high resolution.

Solution: Restart your computer, continuously press F8 to key, and in the advanced boot menu, choose to enter "safe mode" and click enter to login system. and then under the Windows state to go into the display Settings, select 16 colors, click "apply" button, click the "ok" button.

Restart your computer, in the normal mode of the Windows, go into the device manager, remove the graphics card drivers, restart your computer.

Above is the reasons and solutions of the blurred screens showed on the full color led display. We can start to check it from the simplest problems, and usually the issues can be solved. If you can not solve it, you can ask help for our after-sales service support.

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