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  • 产品名称: Stadium led display series
  • Spacing: 5 / 7.62 / 10 /16 / 20mm
  • Area:

1. Impact resistance: Special soft module mask and round top bar protect the players from injury and also offer protection to the unit itself.
2. Unique cabinet design: Adjustable inclination angle(65-90 degree), it is placed vertically and the inclination angle is adjustable for the best possible viewing and camera shooting angles.
3. Fast Installation and disassembling: connection lock between cabinets are patented, closely combined, safe, reliable and adjustable
4. High IP grade: IP65 front, IP55 back
5. Energy saving: low electric current, high-bright lamps, equipped with PFC switching power supply, save 30% electricity.
6. High refresh rate, high gray level: It can reach 16bit by using PWM driving IC, refresh rate is more than 4000HZ, the gray level is still high even under the condition of low brightness
7. Color correction: support dot-to-dot correction, guarantee the consistency of LED color and brightness, No chromatic aberration for new screens.
8. Dual back-up: both power supply and system dual back-up are optional, reliable performance.





Applied to all kinds of sports fields such as football, basketball, tennis etc. it mainly uses as score showing, live show and advertising release.

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